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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs program is the backbone at College Track, supplying students with the support, encouragement and resources necessary to become academically competitive in college. 

Academic Affairs is a comprehensive program that supports and encourages students to succeed in high school while preparing them for the rigors of college. Each student is expected to reach a target GPA in A-G classes for each grade level. In order for students to reach this target, College Track Academic Affairs Directors work collaboratively to provide a selection of services and activities that develop academic skills and effective study habits. Specifically, the activities and services of the Academic Affairs program consist of:

  • Academic Adamari advising epa students.jpgvising
Students receive guidance on meeting the CSU/UC A-G requirements, applying for AP and Honors courses and information on their eligbility for college.
  • Academic Workshopsaa_oak_tutor.jpg
College Track creates a learning set up that encourages community without sacrificing the individual attention required for concept mastery. Academic workshops cover a wide range of subject areas including Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, and English.
  • Tutoringaa_oak_tutoring.jpg
College Track students receive either one-on-one tutoring or work in small groups with a tutor depending on their academic situation.
  • Study Groupsaa_oak_studygroups.jpg
College Track students are scheduled to work with a subject specialist in areas such as Chemistry and Spanish on a weekly basis.
  • Diagnostic Assessmentcomputers.jpg
College Track administers the ACT's PLAN and EXPLORE diagnostic assessments. Given in the 9/10th grade year, these exams enable College Track to measure each student’s academic progress and tailor academic services to the areas where our students need support.
  • ACT/SAT Preparationaa michelle act prep.jpg
Juniors take a seven-week Kaplan SAT or ACT preparation course. Students also participate in a seven-week SAT II preparation course in their junior year. College Track also offers a five-week refresher course for seniors who choose to take exams in the Fall of their senior year.



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